Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jack's 1st Birthday Lunch & 1st Hair Cut

On Jack Jack's actually birthday 4/4/12 we took him to Jake's Tex Mex for lunch (we took Clara for her 1st bday), and then he got his first hair cut!! For lunch Misty, Eric, Gama and Uncle Squeezy were able to come. Squeeze was on spring break from school so it was perfect! 

He was not very excited about his hat but he tolerated it. 

These two are such cuties!!
When i put his hat back on him he was screaming!!
Uncle Eric & Auntie Fishy with Jack Jack pre hair cut!! 
Adorable in the beauty chair! 
My hair dresser Gail who we've gone to since I was in 8th grade, gave Jack his first hair cut. I wanted to cut it really short and give a spikey look but Mike was having a cow about it, so we went for a basic boy cut. She just evened it out and took clippers to the back. 

He actually did remarkably good, he didn't fuss to bad. He was just curious more than anything. 

This picture makes me laugh! he was sorta of it by then. 

Big boy with his new do! 
Uncle Bobby & Aunt Jenny came by real quick, so we took a birthday pic!
Dada got home real late that night! He was sad he missed his bday!! But we had the party to look forward to! He feels so different with his big boy hair cut. I saved his hair in a baggie for his baby book!!

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