Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dyeing Eggs

Misty was gracious enough to have all of us over to her house to dye eggs. We were supposed to do it but Mike ended up getting the "flu" the day before, so we didn't want to risk anyone getting sick. Misty was busy prepping stuff for Jack's birthday so it worked out perfect. My Aunt Judy was in town with my cousin Cassell and my sister in law Crissy came with my nephew Aedan. Tom and Nicole were in town for spring break so they came as well. 
 My mom brought Little Caesar's for dinner. 
 Aedan eating a potato wedge. 
 Cousins getting ready to dye eggs. 

 Aedan and Jack just adore each other. They play so well together. 

 Thomas really participated in the dyeing. 
 This picture is just ridiculous lol! 
 so is this one, haha!
 Jack Jack loves his uncle eric and he was making him laugh!
 so cute uncle tom's hat!
 funny faces

 Uncle Squeezy and Jack

 We decided to get a group shot of all the cousins, however it turned out to be quite the ordeal and was hilarious. 

 Auntie Cole & her lovebug
 Clara was really into dyeing eggs this year. It was a lot of fun. It makes me look forward to all the fun traditions we can start now that she's getting older. 

So I screwed up and bought brown organic eggs. I was just excited bc at Costco they had 18 eggs for only $3.79 and I pay more for 12 at Albertson's, so I was totally excited and bought them. I didn't even think about when we dyed them they wouldn't be very vibrant. The yellow dye didn't work at all. So NEXT year we are going to do Kool-Aid dyed eggs. I can't believe how amazing those eggs turn out. Everyone kept giving me a hard time about the brown eggs. Leave to me to mess up, haha!!

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Blake and Alisa said...

you think that cousin picture was bad do you remember the one we tried to take while you guys were here!