Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's a Girl!!

We had our ultra-sound today. My mom and dad were able to come and so was Michael's Aunt Sharon. It was so exciting. I had a pretty rough morning and was throwing up from morning sickness. The baby is completely healthy! When the ultra-sound tech got to the genitals she showed us that it was a girl. I could not believe it!! I'm still in shock about it. I feel euphoric. I thought for sure we were having a boy. The chinese calendar, eyeball vein, heartbeat, needle test, my dad's dreams were all wrong. I can't believe it. Everyone was kind of laughing and my mom was crying. Michael had the funniest shocked look on his face. I asked him if he was disappointed and he said no but I still think he is or it just hasn't settled in yet. We had a boys name picked out and everything. Also my friend Natacha came up from L.A. and gave me a whole bunch of baby stuff and two bags of baby boy clothes. I'm going to keep all the neutral stuff but it's really funny that I was set on boy clothes and now I have pretty much nothing, lol! We are so excited to add another girl to the mix. Most everyone we know beside Tyler and Katy are or had girls. Mike's cousin Cher is expecting a girl in about 3 weeks, Dave & Lindsey just had a girl, and quite a few of our other friends are having girls. It's so bizarre!! I'm so excited!! This is a pic of her foot, but it's blurry on here.

From left to right, Leg tucked under, belly and head. She wouldn't turn her face for the tech so we only got side shots of her.

In between her legs, the vajj, lol!!