Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gender Reveal Party

My best friend Misty threw me a Gender Reveal Party. I got the idea from different blogs that I read. Misty used the "What Could It Bee" theme. She made adorable cake pops with the cake color either pink or blue. Once everyone bite into their cake pop, they would discover that I was having a boy or a girl. Everyone invited was told to come dressed team pink or team blue for what they thought I was having.
My adorable sign Misty made
My brother Thomas came dressed in a snuggie. Seriously?!
My other brother Bobby went to Goodwill and found this pink jacket & shoes.
My "adopted" brother Cody was not messing around with his pink gear!!
The Two best friends, crazy boys!!
Team Pink: Jeannie, Nico, Thomas, Bud, Bobby & Cody
Team Blue: Tyler, Katy, Lucy, Eric, Misty, Clara, Alicia, Grandma, Crissy, Aedan & Jenny
Passing out cake pops, getting ready for the big reveal!!
Drum roll's a BOY!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baby Food

Michael's grandma Gracie bought Alisa and I these amazing baby food makers called a Beaba Babycook. We both love it! I just barely have been able to use mine since my surgery. I spent 2 days making baby food and I was only able to finish fruit so far. It was a lot of work but so worth it and I got a TON of baby food made and it's healthy and fresh for my little Clara. The babycook made everything so easy, it's the prep work that is really time consuming. I made apple, pear, peach and then combined them together and with blueberries.

bowl of cooked apples


some of the fruit labeled

The freezer shelf is full
*Next is VEGGIES

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Overdue Update

I've decided to finally embrace blogging! I don't know how to decorate my page and it annoys me! A LOT has happened since my last post. Clara is 9 months old now! She is absolutely hilarious and so much like me and looks just like Michael. I predict she will be taking her first steps by the end of this month. She stands and lets go and claps her hands. She's crawling all over and is in to everything. She LOVES food and can't get enough of it. At her 9 month check up she was 16lbs14oz and was 28 1/2 inches. She's in the 10th percentile for her weight and 95th percentile for her height. She's long and skinny, must be from Michael's side of the family, lol!! Bathy Bath Time


My parent's house is coming along. The windows are being put in this week and then they can put on the tile roof. They are hoping to be able to move in by July. Perfect moving weather, NOT!!
Clara & Daddy in front of Grandma & Papa's new house!

We went to Utah the beginning of January and finally met our new nephew Billy. He's adorable as expected! He's a little redhead and smiles a ton. It was so cold in Utah, it got down to -2 while we were there. We hung out in Blake & Alisa's house most of the time. We watched a bunch of movies, snacked on Alisa's delicious homemade food and played with the kids. Their new house is beautiful and perfect for a large family. We celebrated our Christmas as soon as we got there. Alisa left their Christmas tree up and it really felt like Christmas. The boys got a whole bunch of Thomas the Train stuff from us and Pops McGee. Alisa & Blake got Clara a push walker and a bunch of toys. She had so many toys that all the way home to California they kept going off in the van. We had family portraits taken while we were there. They turned out great. The kids did the best they could considering how cold it was and that they are children and it's hard for them to sit still for that long. We were sad to leave, it's always so hard because we know we only get to see them about twice a year.
Alisa's beautiful kitchen, I'm so jealous!!

Michael's homemade Lemon Meringue pie that Alisa perfected!

Brendon & Ben

Billy & Clara
Freezing snow!
Her first snow time!

MISTY'S 30th
Misty turned 30 in January & we went over to her and Eric's house to celebrate. It was 2 days before my big surgery, so I was a nervous wreck.
Stephanie, Me & Birthday Girl Misty
My surgery was January 28th. I had complications from when I gave birth to Clara and then had surgery in September that only made things MUCH worse. I had recto vaginal reconstructive surgery with sphincteroplasty down at USC University Hospital in Los Angeles. I was there for 5 nights 6 days. I wasn't able to see Clara during that time due to a "swine flu" scare. Children 6 and under were banned from the hospital. I think that was the hardest part. I've never had to be apart from her before. It was so awful. I missed her so much that I would just lay there a cry. I was on some good pain medications though so that helped. I had a few setbacks in my recovery but I'm now 5 weeks post op and I'm doing much better. I literally laid in bed on my side or back for a month. There were so many risks with my surgery, that I'm very lucky things are going as well as they are. It's definitely been intense and very scary. I'm beginning to feel normal again and the doctor said I have about 2 more months to go to be fully recovered. I still can't sit flat on my bottom and I still can't drive. But I'm able to care for Clara and do a few things. My mother has been my life line! She took Clara for an entire month over night, excluding weekends. Michael has to work and I couldn't get up yet alone lift her. She has been at my house all day long, cleaning and taking care of Clara and I. She is a God send and the most amazing mother that ever existed. Clara has grown so attached to her though, which I enjoy watching. She LOVES her grandma and her Papa!!
The only picture of me at the hospital with my flowers from Blake & Alisa.
Michael's grandpa John passed away this past Friday after a long battle with Alzheimer's. We will miss him so much and we know he is at peace with God now. We were able to visit him in January on our way home from Utah. You could tell he loved Clara so much and enjoyed holding her. We wanted to go back to visit him but with my surgery is was impossible. We are going this weekend to his service and to spend the weekend with Grandma Gracie.
We love you Grandpa!!

My brother Mitchell and his wife Crissy are expecting a baby in October. We are over the moon happy for them and for us!! The more babies the better as far as we are concerned.