Monday, January 30, 2012

Misty's 32nd Birthday

32 Reasons to Love Misty
1. Absolutely HILARIOUS!! Literally I get an ab work out when we get going on something funny!! 

2. She's the MOST organized person I know, I aspire to be 1/4 as organized as her. 

3. She's is so thoughtful!! She thinks of things I could never even think about, so detailed in her actions! 

4. She is definitely the most ambitious person I know. When she has a goal, you bet your fanny she's gonna obtain it!! 

5. She also obsessed with goals, she always has something brewing that she's working on. 

6. She's a CLEAN freak!! Cleanest person I know hands down. 

7. She's amazingly smart, and constantly doubts her spelling ability. She can work computer programs like no other. I'm always calling her to help make me a spread sheet or slide show, or anything I could never figure out. 

8. She has the most awesome white girl dance move you could ever see!! Hand in the air, booty swaying side to side, it's rad! 

9. She doesn't know how to say NO!! That's not necessarily a good thing, but she's an amazing friend. 

10. She makes beautiful and tasty Cakes, and any food item she makes is usually delish! 

11. She's the busiest person I know...Master's school, full-time job, home owner, friend to 100's of people, girlfriend, cake baker, marathon runner, concert goer, she's always got something going on and still makes time to come hang with me and my little ones. 

12. She's a beautiful woman inside and OUT!! 

13. She's a shoe whore...and wears clownsized shoes but still has a million pairs. 

14. She's the sister I never had. I can be 100% myself around her, I can say ANYTHING to her and know she's not gonna judge me. She knows ALL ALL ALL my business!!

15. She is the nosiest person I know. If we are out in public she straight up will be looking through you, at the people behind you to see what they are saying. And she has a certain look on her face when she's doing it, so you know you've lost her at that point. 

16. She is the BEST auntie. She LOVES my children so much and they just adore her!! Aunt Fishy for life! 

17. She's scared of death like no other. So am I, we definitely have that in common. But she don't like talking about it or dealing with it. 

18. She HATES to be sang to. She thinks it's creepy when people are looking at her while they sing. Happy Birthday is a nightmare for her. 

19. In high school she ate nothing but ORANGES and PRETZELS when in training for cheerleading. 

20. Misty was the only one at first with a car in high school, she taxi'd us around everywhere. We'd hit up taco bell at 3 in the morning in her car lol!! 

21. This is how great of a friend she is, she let me sleep in her twin bed in high school when I stayed the night at her house, while she slept on the couch or the floor. Show's how bad of a friend I am to allow her to give up her bed...shame shame. 

22. She will lie to you while in labor and tell you the contraction is almost over, even though she has no clue what the machine is telling her. 

23. She sings POD beautifully!! 

24. She's become a hard core animal lover. Almost wrote her thesis on it. Her dogs are her children! 

25. She doesn't care for meat unless is burnt a bit or ground turkey. 

26. She also is not a fan of the ends of fries. She prefers the middles. 

27. She's obsessed with the world's tallest or biggest things. If there is one nearby where she is traveling she will find it and take a picture with it. 

28. She chops up her eggs so weird to the point that they are mush. bleh. 

29. She loves her some seafood, we do not mesh on that one at all!! 

30. She HAS to shower twice a day or she freaks out bc the pits and feet must be washed. 

31.  She HATES feet, they gross her out to the point of vomit. 

32. The funniest thing in the entire world to her is.....dun dun dun....watching ME run!! Run AUBREY Run!!! 

My best friend Misty turned 32 and to celebrate Mike made her a pancake brinner!! She LOVES Mike's pancakes, and he's been making these new silver dollar pancakes that are divine. So Clara and I decorated for Aunt Fishy's birthday. Clara can now finally say Misty but she still calls her Fishy. So far it's her new nickname. 

 Pretty sure I'm the only person in the entire world that has wounded themselves while blowing up a balloon. Really???? who does that??? yeah I do!!! I blew it up too big and it popped and snapped back on my neck and made me bleed. It HURT soooo bad, I literally cried. so stupid!!
 So this is Misty's favorite outfit that I wear....NOT. The shorts that I am wearing were once maroon sweatpants that I wore to a high school football came when Thomas was in high school along with a orange t-shirt and maroon dock martins. Misty has NEVER forgiven me for wearing it and embarrassing my brother along with all of them I was with, lol. SOOOO when Mike and I bought our house, when we were moving she found my maroon pants and decided to dust furniture with them. So I snagged them up and cut them off and they are now my cleaning shorts. In honor of her, I brought out her favorite outfit, and wore it all night for her party, buahahahahaha!! 
 Uncle Eric and Jack Jack

 Seriously that weekend Clara NEVER left Eric alone. She pestered him all weekend!! 
 Aunt Fishy with her babies. 
 When Misty walked in, Clara yelled Happy Birthday to her!! 
 The Bunting's came over and so did Stephanie, my mom and brother Bobby!

 Misty had birthday assistants...Sarah and Clara
 My parents and us bought Misty her Beats by Dre headphones for running. Eric also bought them (my fault I should have called him) and so he took his back and got her an awesome Dyson hand vac that she has wanted forever. 

 Steph brought the infamous birthday box!!

My mom made Misty a delicious cake and Mike's breakfast turned out awesome. I wish I would have taken pictures of him cooking it! Happy Birthday to the BEST friend anyone could ever ask for. 

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