Monday, July 4, 2011

Utah Family Visit

Every year Mike's sister Alisa & husband Blake come to visit with their children Ben, Brendon, & Billy from Vernal, UT. We had some surgeries & a death in the family, so we hadn't seen each other in over a year & a half. Way too long. We had a jammed pack 2 weeks while they were here. Agenda: Mustache Party, Beach, Swimming, Horseback riding, Shopping, Baby Shower, along with visiting friends and family.

First night here, we attended a friend of ours Mustache Party.
 Clara & her daddy Mike
 Ben sporting the "John Waters" mustache
 Brendon did NOT want a mustache, & I can see why!
 Lindsey & Clara
 Family shot, we drew a mustache on Jack's pacifier.
 Blake, Alisa & Billy
Jack & I

Our nephew Ben is 6 and had never seen the ocean, so that was a MUST on this trip. We thought Morro Bay & Pismo would be a fabulous beach to visit while they were here. Unfortunately there was a horrible wind storm in Pismo and the sand was blowing so hard our chairs were blowing over and sand was EVERYWHERE. In Morro Bay we stopped by the Aquarium to "feed" the seals. I was very upset bc nobody wanted to actually feed them and I felt really bad they were doing tricks and we were not feeding them. I have a MAJOR issue with fish and could barely even go in there without getting sick, but I still felt bad. Other people coming in were feeding them but it was still disturbing.

 Family photo at Morro Rock
 Clara & Dada watching the seals.
 Poor seal working hard for no fish :(

 Blake & the boys watching the seals.
 Jack & I hanging out holding our noses.
 Clara was MISERABLE on the beach. We only stayed for maybe 10 minutes and we left. She was screaming bloody murder. Alisa & the boys were having a blast so we left them to play on the windy beach. We went shopping at the outlets and went to Arroyo Grande to walk around.
 I love pictures of dads holding their little girl's hands.
 Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Parlor in Arroyo Grande. Clara LOVED their train.

She kept saying "choo choo", she enjoyed the ice cream too.

 We stayed the night at Shell Beach Inn and Clara screamed off & on until 1:30 in the morning. I was so annoyed with her. She was doing this weird scream and probably kept everyone in the hotel awake.
 Jack of course was an angel.

 Shell Beach

 We seen a couple of seals on the rocks with their pups. So adorable.
 There is a cute little park down the street from Shell Beach. Clara HATES sand.

 Yay for Orcas!!

 Jack & I enjoying the beautiful weather.
The Cook Family on the swinging bridge in Arroyo Grande.

We went out to our Uncle Jack & Aunt Sharon's horse stables, Rancho Not So Grande. The kids got to see a miniature donkey & feed the horses. Clara had never rode a horse before, I thought she would be scared, but she loved it! The boys were used to horses because their grandpa is a cattle rancher and they have horses. The kids had a great time there. They got to run around, chase some chickens, and drink some soda pop. It was a beautiful day and a great visit.
 Clara looking at the donkey
putting sunscreen on all the kiddos
Brendon feeding Sassy
Clara with Uncle Blake & Uncle Jack going for a ride

 Uncle Jack saddling Clara up to ride Sassy

 Nephew Ben riding Sassy
Billerbob was more interested in eating the carrot himself rather than sharing with the horses. Too cute!
Nephew Brendon ready to ride Sassy

Little Jack Jack with daddy

We did a lot of hanging around the house too! In between all the chaos, it was nice to just hang out and let the kids play. 
Jack just adored Brendon, and would just smile at him.
Billy & Clara kept playing underneath the table. All was well until Clara tried to stand up underneath it.

We decided to let the kids play outside. It's been so cold in Utah and they were dying to play in the warm weather, but we had a weird storm come through while they were here and it was unusually cool in June. The week after they left, we were in the 100's, go figure.

Clara did NOT enjoy the pool because it sprayed water at her.

 We set up her splash table and she had a blast after that.
 Billy was not a fan of the pool either.
The kids were only out there for about a half hour and the pool finally popped. It was fun while it lasted.
Then we went to eat at El Jacilito in Lamont. It's a tradition when they are here. It's Mike & I's favorite and Blake loves their salsa.

Then I threw Alisa a baby shower. She is expecting a little GIRL, finally!! Gracie Adele is due to arrive Sept. 6th. We had a few of Alisa's friends from high school, & staff that used to work at Highland where we went to high school that she is now close friends with. And some of my family and Alisa's friends from church when she lived here. She got a ton of presents, and I think she was a little overwhelmed by it all. It turned out great!  She got a lot of girl clothes, and some wonderful homemade items as well. I also gave her a ton of Clara's clothes, which made me a little sad, but so excited they will be used again and so cute on Gracie. 
 Mike & Alisa untangling balloons.
We had milk, punch, and water to drink.
 Chocolate fondue with pound cake, marshmallows, pretzels, bananas, & strawberries.
We had the amazing Too Fat cookies, fruit salad & adorable cupcakes, and a champagne cake from Smiths.
My grandma, mom, and my nephew Aedan.
My best friend Misty & Jack, and my sister in laws, Nicole & Crissy
her loot of presents.
eating & playing games
intense game playing

Opening presents.

Lastly we went swimming at my parents house. It was Clara's first swim this year in my parent's pool. This will be the last summer at the house I grew up in because my parent's mansion is almost done! So exciting.

Brendon all ready to go in his Spiderman life jacket
Ben scared of swimming, but was getting the hang of it after a while.

 Billy cried a little too but he got used to it quick.
Brendon did great swimming but he didn't like being forced to float backwards.
Clara loved the pool, and she starts swim lessons soon.

We had a great time while they were here. It had been way too long. We will be making our visit to Utah hopefully in January to meet our new niece Gracie.

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