Saturday, May 18, 2013

Matt & Audra's Wedding

Clara & Jackson were in Michael's cousin Matt's wedding. It was the first time for both of them to be in a wedding. I of course worried about how Jack was going to recact bc he's scared of everything and everyone. He did just as we expected, not good haha! 

 He's so cute in his little tuxedo. But I knew it was a limited amount of time bc he hates collars on shirts. 

 And the jacket tugging has begun, along with screaming. 
 My sweet little flower girl. Wish I knew how to do her hair better. 

 Hudson during rehearsal was an angel!
 Jacket is off and he's feeling better. 
 He was obsessed with the flower bouquet. 

 Just as I expected!! Got half way down the aisle and turned around SCREAMING and ran for his life, hahaha!! Everyone was laughing. Poor Jack and his anxiety. Rehearsal was perfect but it was an empty room so when he saw all those people he was out of there, lol. 
 Drinking juice at the reception
 My little stud muffin
 Throwing the pillow
 The girls were all disturbed by his constant crying lol. 

 Only pic of the bride & groom I got. I missed the wedding and the reception bc the kids were all out of control. 
I love this picture of Clara. She's so beautiful!

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