Sunday, May 26, 2013

Giant Yard Sale

We had a massive yard sale. We may have to sell our house so we are trying to get rid of everything we could possibly think of to get cleaned out in case we have to move. 

 The night before the yard sale, this entire room was completely full of stuff. We had ZERO room to walk in there. 

 We had people show up at 6:15am when it was to start at 7am. It was crazy. We advertised on Craig's List, newspaper, and FB. Misty brought a few things over, and my mom threw some of her stuff in for us to sell. We were fundraising for Clara's birthday trip to Disneyland hahaha! We sold a king size bed, tvs, housewares, office stuff, baby items, clothes and tons of other things. 

 My friend Chrissy who's a Creative Memories consultant was cleaning out her inventory. So we sold some of her stuff, at the end of the day some crazy woman was digging through the back of Mike's truck in the Goodwill pile and bought a HUGE travel case full of her stuff for $10. Kinda makes me sick when I think about it hahaha! It was worth hundreds but oh well. It had to go. 
It was Cinco De Mayo weekend and nobody bought the item of the day. I don't understand how these adorable margarita glass from Pier 1 were not purchased. Only .50! They went to Goodwill. I almost kept them but we don't drink Margaritas and have never used them. 
Some good friends of ours bought our cal-king bed. Misty tried her best to sell it earlier in the day, but we had no takers hahaha! This mattress was too soft for us, and it took up our entire room upstairs. I was so happy to see it go! 

Overall combined we made about $1100, and $800ish was ours, so it literally paid for our trip to Disneyland. I don't know what I wouldn't have done without Misty and my Mom's help. It simply would not have happened. But we had a lot of fun doing it, even as tired as we were. 

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