Monday, October 6, 2008

In Baby News

So I am 7 weeks pregnant today. I've been feeling pretty good surprisingly. More than anything I'm exhausted. We are so excited about our news. I had an ultra sound last week and it was not a pleasant experience. The ultra sound techs that work in the office are so rude. Their machine was not working and so they had to use a make shift machine and she was very flustered and not friendly. Here I am nervous and anxious and she didn't make it any better. But she said the baby was implanted high in the uterus and that it looked good. My mom could see the heart beating but I couldn't because she wouldn't turn the cart so that I could see. Seriously not a pleasant experience! Anyway all that matters is that there is a baby there and it has a heart beat.

Michael has been hilarious with this whole thing. He is so excited and calls me during the day when he thinks of things or names for the baby. He has decided that he doesn't want to know the sex of the baby. This is something I'm trying to deal with because I will be going crazy from not knowing. Michael said that everything in life is instant gratification and that a true surprise never happens so he wants to wait. Our good friends David & Lindsey are due in November and they don't know what they are having either and it is driving me crazy! I want to know so bad. So considering I'm the one that is pregnant now, I don't know if I can handle it. Picking a girl name is such an unfortunate situation because we do not agree at all and I have no idea for a girl. Most the names we both agree on are already taken by friends or family.

Finding out I was pregnant was crazy! We did our first round of fertility medication and was told by my endocronologist to take a pregnancy test on Sept 18th. So I went to target bought another ovulation kit for the next month of fertility (because I didn't think I was pregnant) and I bought a 3 pack pregnancy test. It was only Sept. 15 and of course I couldn't resist and I tried out a pregnancy test 3 days before I was supposed to. I was home by myself, Michael was at work and all of a sudden I see this weird light line coming across the test stick. I freak out because in 2 years we have been trying that has never happened. I stared at it for a second and couldn't think who to call because if I was pregnant I didn't want to ruin it over the phone with someone. So I called Lindsey Bunting right away and told her to come over to look at something. She lives right around the corner from me and she confirmed that I wasn't crazy and that I was pregnant. I shook and cried and laughed. Then we drove to Rite-Aid and bought a digital test to make sure. I guzzled some juice and tried it out and Lindsey couldn't look and so I looked and it popped up "Pregnant". So then we went to petsmart and I bought our dog Zakk (Michael's baby) a dog tag that said "We're Pregnant" on it. So when he came home from work Dave and Lindsey were over and I told Mike that I bought the dogs new tags since we moved. I told him to look at Zakk's. He complained at first because it was shaped like a heart and the he read it and was shocked. I was laughing and he didn't say much because he was shocked. David and Lindsey recorded it on their camera. It's so funny!

The next day I took my best friend Misty a cupcake in a cute decorated box and wrote "Congratulation's Aunt Misty" Love, ??? on the box. She was at work and started crying her eyes out in her office and it was good times!! She is so excited to be an aunt!

My dad's 50th birthday was on the 18th and so we took him a picture frame that said "I heart my grandpa" with a note in it from baby McGee. My mom freaked out and was crying her eyes out and my dad was a little tipsy because he had played music with his band that night and celebrated his 50th birthday so he was tripping out. They are so excited. Misty also caught their reactions on video.

I think overall telling people has been the most exciting part!! Most people know we have had a hard time and are over joyed when they hear the news. I am just praying that everything goes smoothly and the baby is healthy and that I carry full term!


Serina said...

Aubrey I just want you to know that if it is a girl I would not at all object to the name Serina. I mean it is pretty kick ass if I do say so my self. And you guys are freakin crazy, I could never wait to find out the sex of the baby. I would have to know asap and that is no joke. Oh yeah and I am SO STOKED for you guys!!!

Blake and Alisa said...

i love you guys and miss you sooo to you later, alisa

Jordan and Nikki Brown said...

Congratulations! What an exciting time! I hear how you're doing through Tyler & Katy, but next time we're in town, you'll both have to come over.