Monday, July 1, 2013

Grandma Sissy's Birthday & Anniversary Surprise

For my mom's birthday this year we went out on a girls lunch to Frugatti's. It was delicious as always! 

 This girl can get down with some noodles!!

 Later in the week, we went up to my parent's place to celebrate with pizza and yummy chocolate cake. Misty makes the best cakes ever!!! I wish I would have got a picture of it but it wouldn't matter bc you can't taste it through a blog, haha. It's so fun at my parent's house with all the grandkids. I remember when they built the house, I thought they were crazy bc it's so big. But we fill it up just fine when we all get together. 
 Hudson crashed out snoozing on me. His favorite place to sleep. 
 My niece Grace


I have a necklace that Mike gave me for Mother's Day after Jack was born that has Clara and Jackson's names casted into silver circles. It's my most cherished material item. I almost love it more than my wedding ring. I don't wear it 

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