Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Surprise Baby #3

 We found out late July that we were expecting a HUGE surprise! Mike and I knew we wanted to try for a third baby but I was adamant that I drop at least 50lbs. I gave away over $400 in maternity clothes bc I refused to be the size I am now and pregnant every again. I decided not to renew my birth control in June along with other medications I was taking to cleanse my system for a good 6 months before we started trying again. After trying to have Clara for 3 years and finally going through fertility treatment we had her. With Jack we were starting fertility treatment and I was taking Provera when I got pregnant with him. He was a huge surprise bc we were able to conceive virtually on our own. So this time I did NOT think I would get pregnant within the first month of being off the pill. Well surprise, surprise!! 

 I had my cycle on fourth of July and thought nothing of it. Then I was feeling weird and I was cramping and bleeding again a couple of weeks later. So I told Mike to get a pregnancy test bc something was weird. Sure enough it was VERY positive. It freaked me out and I was terrified bc I thought I was having a miscarriage. I called the doctors office and they said there was nothing I could do just make an appt with my OB and go from there. Sure enough Dr. Lewis being as thorough as he is, ran a panel on my levels and I was extremely low on progesterone 6.5 when it should have been 22 or higher, which can lead to a miscarriage and cause bleeding. So he put me on Prometrium and restricted my activity until I was 12 weeks. We had an ultra sound and there was a little tadpole looking thing with a heartbeat. It totally freaked me out and we were in so much shock. 

I was extremely upset bc I was not physically ready at all to do this again. I had just gotten rid of all my clothes, and I was scared to death. I had never had this happen with either of my pregnancies. It turns out with Clara & Jack I was already taking progesterone so it saved my pregnancies. But then we were elated at the same time! How can we not be thrilled to have another baby and be given this amazing gift?! 

So Dr. Lewis ordered a special ultrasound called a Nuchal Translucency test bc of my age and the rough start we had, just to make sure everything was okay. It's a test that combines blood work in the first trimester with your second trimester along with an ultrasound that must be done between 12 -14 weeks. We had to see the Neonatologist to have the ultrasound done. It was kinda scary and new to us. Turns out we were too far along to have the NT done we were 14 weeks & 5 days. And we were about a week shy of finding out the gender. So we at least got to see the baby and he/she was waving at us or sucking on it's hand. We weren't sure. It was exciting so hear the heart beating again. 

We will get to find out what we are having at 22 weeks which will be the middle of November. We could find out at any time now but we'd have to pay for it out of pocket, so we might as well wait. Time is flying anyway. I thought I felt the baby move at 15 weeks but I don't think I did bc I haven't felt it move since. I'm sorta freaking out about it but I'm sure it will happen soon. I see the doctor next week so I'm trying not to stress that something is wrong. We are due March 15, 2013. 

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